Youth Justice Film

Productions Cazabon in partnership with the Law Foundation of Ontario has begun work on the Youth Justice Film Project. Often times youth who have become disengaged from healthy social supports describe exceptional levels of distrust of the police, public authorities and defence lawyers. For youth, this can lead to very negative results when dealing with the legal system in Canada.  Productions Cazabon, through film and education hopes to increase the capacity of those who work with youth and youth themselves to rebuild trust in the system and increase navigational skills in the complex legal structures that exist. We intend to accomplish this through inspiring youth, reveal youth perspectives to a broader audience, increase the the capacity of important intermediaries in the lives of young people and better equip adults to form trusting relationships with youth who deal with legal issues.  

We invite you to share in this experience and become aware and understand the issues youth face and the need for an increased awareness on youth justice issues in Canada.