Waniska (to awaken)

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Waniska shows an extraordinary display of resilience, a group of elders out on the land, teach students at the First Nations University the role of Indigenous Knowlege systems in re-awakening their Nations. These Residential School Survivors shine a light on a future where Indigenous Knowledge may be called upon to assist humanity.

Shot over a summer throughout the First Nation communities and landscapes of Saskatchewan this film was co-created with the Elders Circle of First Nations University, who supervised and collaborated with us on nearly every aspect of the film. The inclusion of traditional ceremony, prayer and protocol with the Elders followed every stage of the pre-production, production and post-production process.

Waniska means ‘to awaken’ in Cree.

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4 Seasons of Reconciliation Film Series

4 Seasons of Reconciliation film series is comprised of 4 short documentary films set in Canada on the heels of the final report from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

The project chronicles four stories on reconciliation, each to be released at a different season. The series is accompanied by bonus features highlighting reconciliation champions from across the lands in Canada. Its aim is to inspire reconciliation through media arts.