Douglas Cardinal: Anishinaabe Architect

Architect Douglas Cardinal’s path in life has seldom been as smooth as the lines on the buildings he designs. An Anishinaabe raised in Blackfoot territory, Cardinal’s curvilinear vision has produced instantly-recognizable monuments to Indigenous culture in the national capitals of both Canada and the United States to world acclaim. But even his landmark successes have not come without obstacles. The film offers an intimate portrait of an artist guided by his Anishnaabe culture to uplift humanity towards hope and social justice.

Shot over a 11-month period throughout the cities, First Nation communities and landscapes from across country that boast his beautiful creations. This film was created with the continuous support of the architect himself, his wife Idoia, and close family and friends such as acclaimed artist Alex Janvier. 

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4 Seasons of Reconciliation Film Series

4 Seasons of Reconciliation film series is comprised of 4 short documentary films set in Canada on the heels of the final report from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

The project chronicles four stories on reconciliation, each to be released at a different season. The series is accompanied by bonus features highlighting reconciliation champions from across the lands in Canada. Its aim is to inspire reconciliation through media arts.