Andrée Cazabon has extensive experience facilitating workshops for youth and professionals in various sectors including education, law, child and youth care. In fact, she can't make up her mind whether she is happiest when inspiring youth or when she is offering hands-on tools for the incredible adults who look after youth on a daily basis! Browse the different workshops each centered around the themes of Productions Cazabon's films below and contact us for more information.


Letters to a Street Child

Watch the inspirational true story of former street-kid turned filmmaker, Andrée Cazabon and hear her keynote address on what helps youth and families through times of crisis from one who has lived it.

The 25-minute film made for CBC Television is a moving testimony to the power of change within all of us. The film can be followed by the "Letters of Hope for youth project" or a professional development workshop on youth-at-risk interventions for professionals and educators.


Inspiring Reconciliation with First Nations


3rd World Canada depicts the on-going 3rd World conditions on First Nations reserves and its impact on children.

This participatory workshop expands on the 47-minute documentary by offering a keynote address and / or follow-up workshop. Themes such as 'truth & reconciliation' and every day actions we can all undertake to promote harmony are explored through mulit-media and group work.

This workshop can also be co-facilitated with participant(s) featured in the film.

The full version of the documentary can be shown within the workshops or selected clips, depending on time constaints and objectives.


Wards of the Crown Workshop


For a more in-depth discussion and group workshop on youth ageing out of government care, Successful Transitions to Adulthood explores the importance of connecting children and youth to relationships before they exit the child welfare system. De-bunking the myth that youth can parent themselves at age 16 or 18, the workshop invites small group discusssions and hands-on solutions regarding transitions towards adulthood for youth in care. The importance of education and relationships are explored in the film and the worskop.

This workshop can be tailored to any professional group working with youth in care, be it from the education, justice or front line sectors.


Fresh Perspective on Homelessness

Family on the Edge tells the moving story of one father's struggle to hang on to his kids while living in a homeless shelter. The film is also a powerful testimony to front-line professionals.

A workshop with the filmmaker (and possibly the father in the film) can offer participants the chance to hear first-hand what works from two former homeless people. Be inspired to make a difference with the families-at-risk in your community.