Photos from the International Child and Youth Care Conference

"Andrée's presentation, particularly her willingness to share her experience was very moving. Her film heightened my awareness about youth living on the streets. This documentary is a living testimony of her and others capacity to overcome even the most difficult of life's circumstances. As our opening speaker, she scored 99% satisfaction on evaluation forms. Remarquable!"

From Kennedy House Youth Services,Markham, ON

"In the winter I had the opportunity to view "Letters to a Street Child" as well as hear Andrée's two-hour keynote at the Committee of Youth Officers Conference in Niagara Falls to over 450 attendees. I appreciated having this opportunity. It is through films such as this one that we "the system" can potentially be motivated to make changes collectively in the lives of young people everywhere."

Julie Webster,
Community Support Youth Worker,
Huron-Perth Centre for Children and Youth