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Letters of Hope Project

Hope is strong. Without hope there is dark hole of nothingness, but through hope we can find strength and resilience, and who better to give hope to youth than other youth...

Letters of Hope is a collection of letters from youth around the world designed to offer hope to those who may be struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel. They will provide youth who have survived hopelessness a chance to make meaning out of the meaninglessness of their experiences by providing them with the opportunity to write their own story to share with others. The letters will be a mix of feelings of hopelessness as well as stories of hopefulness.

The first collection of letters will be on display at the Rotary International Convention in L.A. in June 2008. Over the next year, we will continue to collect letters of hope to be published in the Letters of Hope book. This book will be launched at the 2009 Rotary International Convention in England. The book will accompany the Letters to a Street Child film and will also be available via the website.

Young authors will have a chance to win (or be sponsored) to travel to the Rotary International Convention in England to present the project and their experiences. The year-long journey of the project and the book launch will be highlighted on the website( where new submissions will continue to be uploaded.

Reconciliation Campaign & Outreach Project

Outreach Projects were a vital part of the 3rd World Canada tour, engaging mainstream Canadians in the challenges First Nation communities face. Schools, organizations, and individuals joined the 3rd World Canada Tourʼs fast-growing movement of Canadians by starting an Outreach Project. You can still download an Outreach Project Toolkit and start a project today by clicking here!

Here is a snapshot of several outreach projects:


Inspired by the film 3rd World Canada, Constable Natasha Jones, has collected more than 4,500 pounds of food and supplies for shipment to Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug First Nation this year through Project Dream Catcher. Sponsors & donors included PODS Moving and Storage Company, Easy Pack Corporation, Gemsen, Walmart, City of Vaughan, Manitoulin Transport, and Ontario Regional Police.


After viewing the film 3rd World Canada, Maureene Ninham, a Laurier Brantford student, started an initiative to bring clothes, food, and other necessities to struggling native communities in northern Ontario. She began a program called “Adopt a Box” where boxes were distributed throughout campus to be filled by faculty and students and delivered to the reserve by the OPP.


The Sociology Society at the University of Waterloo will be hosting a viewing of 3rd World Canada to its students on October 25 from 7pm-9pm at PAS 1229. Professor Augie Fleras will be holding an open discussion to students about the film as well as addressing Canada’s social responsibility to help First Nations in Canada.


As a result of the film, The Rotary Club of Toronto has established an Aboriginal Service Committee and is actively connecting with other Rotary Clubs to have them set up committees and establish outreach committees.


Rotaract Toronto has offered to take on the First Nations Housing Crisis Exhibit to be displayed at tour stops and later high schools. They will be creating a replica of a typical housing in many First Nation communities to demonstrate how the high cost of living and lack of funding contributes to a wider gap in living conditions and health.  

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We are looking for individuals or organizations who would like to champion a reconciliation project in their community.

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