Why invite a filmmaker as a motivational keynote speaker?

Build up the 'event' factor into your event by bringing not only a keynote speaker but also one of her films (everyone loves films!). This multi-media approach has consistently deepened the emotional impact of Cazabon's message on themes related specificaly to conference objectives.

Andrée Cazabon inspires audiences to make a difference in the lives of children and youth by stressing that we all have the potential to be that one person that plants the seed of change in others. She brings not only the experience of filming families and youth-at-risk for the past ten years but she also adds her reflections on her own journey as a former street-youth.

Her keynote addresses (and/or workshops) expand on the themes of her films and provide hands-on practical training for professionals in education, law enforcement, foster care, child protection and youth care work from the perspective of her own experiences and the youth in her films. Her passion for youth-at-risk transmits not only through her films but also in the insight she shares afterwards.

She can facilitate cross-sectoral discussions and provide hands-on tips on reaching out to youth and transforming communities.

Films have the power to take us in the shoes of someone we might not have understood fully. In an age of over-saturation of information, sometimes what has the most impact is the simple power of an emotional connection to a personal story, a story that will move us long after a conference or a class has ended and will help us act in a more meaningful way in our day to day work.

Andrée's personal experiences and the real-life stories in her films connects with audiences in a very different way that information alone ever could.